Color and Light: An Intro to Painting with Kristy Kay | $85

  • Saturday, April 22, 2017
  • 6:30pm  8:30pm

In this workshop, designer and illustrator Kristy Kay will lead you on an exploration of the properties of color and light, which are essential elements for learning how to paint from life, or imagination. Acrylic paint and other materials provided, but feel free to bring your own!

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  • Price: $699 | Pay with installments.
  • Pre-Reqs: Good drawing foundations and Digital Painting
  • Materials: Photoshop (any), Wacom tablet or equivalent

Course Description:

The Art of Color and Light is an exploration in the properties of color and light under a variety of conditions. This is an essential stage in concept art that develops mood and communicates the narrative of the story by means of visual cues.

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